Document and Workflow Management System

DWMS is an acronym for Document and Workflow Management System. DWMS is an integrated system for the control of all documents associated with an organisations work. It is used to create, file, store and retrieve documents of all types and to track the actions or work tasks associated with those documents. The system also integrates email and fax reception and sending.

The sophisticated filing system enables users to create filing system to mimic office paper filing systems using filing Cabinets, Drawers and Folders. Documents can also be filed by "Issue" (work related topic) and are retrievable by keywords, sender, recipient, document type etc.

DWMS manages hard copy documents by scanning them, storing, retrieving and printing them. This is handled by the inbuilt document imaging system which can interface to TWAIN compliant scanners. Incoming faxes are integrated into the system by simply monitoring directories used by fax software. Some document types can be previewed within the DWMS

The DWMS system features "Actions", these are things that need to be done connected with documents (for example, an invoice sent out can have an action of "Await payment") actions have a responsible person (Any user of the DWMS) and a date by which the action should be completed.  In this way, an organisations activities and workflow can be managed.

The DWMS also provides email functionality. DWMS has it's own built in email system and can handle multiple accounts for each DWMS user.

A database of contacts is maintained (companies and organisations along with their employees). Some of these will be "users" of the DWMS. "Public" documents are visible to all users, "Private" documents are only visible to the creator, sender, and recipient of the document. System administrators also see all documents.

The DWMS system has a multi-language interface which is fully user configurable. Additional languages can be added, translations for all of the labels, prompts and messages can be edited. Google translate is used to help translate entries.